as heard on jody dean As Heard On Jody Dean: Wednesday, 09/08/2010

Jonathan Hayes, Rebekah Black, Kathy Jones, Jody Dean, and Bernie Mack

If it came out of Jody’s mouth, we’re frantically trying to add it here!

We’re updating this page constantly throughout the morning, so refresh often!

We have a few things going on this morning…

6:10AM – We’re giving away tickets to see TCU vs. Tennessee Tech for this weekend!

6:45AM – We’re going to talk ‘Hollywood’ with Mike Evans, the Hollywood Insider.

7AM 9give or take 30 minutes) – Rebekah will be on the road with tickets to see the Vocal Majority.

7:20AM – Notes from the News

7:30AM – Sharon Carr is back with another amazing trip!!!

7:50AM – They Walk Among Us 

Now on to your morning links!

1. Zombie 101


2. Rare Color Footage of the London Blitz


3. Rangers Lost


4. Jet Blue’s Steven Slater to Undergo Mental Health Tests


5. Eddie Bernice Johnson: Yet Another Shoe Drops


6. Struttin’ That A$$ – NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!


7. Twitter Helps Free Japanese Journalist


8. The Reggie Bush Scandal


9. The New Hawaii Five-0 Theme Song


10. Mike Evans


11. Notes from the News


12. They Walk Among Us


13. Top Chef Challenge


14. Man Arrested for Defending his Home


15. Burning the Koran


16. An Eccentric Eye Witness


17. An Eccentric Eye Witness Remix


Comments (5)
  1. Jo Anne says:

    Re: the comment you made about college quarterbacks not making it in the NFL—–Graham Harrell was cut from the active roster by Green Bay on Saturday;however, if you check the Green Bay Packers official website, they posted on Monday that he, along with 7 others, was placed on the practice squad.

  2. frank says:

    There’s a certain couple that I know.
    They’re strictly lovebirds,
    A pair of turtle dove birds.
    He’s a guy who wants the world to know.
    So ev’ry day
    You’ll hear him say

    I Love Lucy and she loves me,
    We’re as happy as two can be,
    sometimes we quarrel but then again
    How we love making up again.

    Lucy kisses like no one can,
    She’s my missus and I’m her man;
    And life is heaven you see
    Cause I Love Lucy
    Yes I Love Lucy
    and Lucy loves me.
    the i love lucy theme lyrics

  3. Ange says:

    My daughter and I were laughing so hard that we cried. As i was driving her to school, we listened to “my daddy taught me good”…if that makes it to YouTube, it will go Viral…it’s hilarious! Wish you had a link posted for it…she wants to entertain her friends. LOL Have a great week, all of you on the Morning Team!

    1. kluvrebekah says:

      The link is up there now!

  4. Wes Shier says:

    The backing up song is freakin’ HILARIOUS!!! It needs to be on iTunes!

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