Memorable Moments From KLUV’s South African Safari

10182010 kluv world tour south africa Memorable Moments From KLUVs South African SafariKevin Cassidy, KLUV general sales manager, shares his most memorable moments from the KLUV World Tour in South Africa.

[photogallerylink id=29972 align=right] Our trip to South Africa truly was the trip of a lifetime. The journey was broken up into two distinct components: Safari and Cape Town. The latter of which – Cape Town – was a wonderful experience. From the breath taking views atop Table Mountain to the stunning scenery of the Wine Country, it was a place we will not soon forget. Oh, did I fail to mention The 12 Apostles Hotel? Wow! Or the excursion to the southern tip of the African continent? Or the inspirational tour of the Langa Township? An amazing place!

I could go on and on but as great as it was, Cape Town pales by comparison to the safari experience. An journey that is so full of highlights that I tried (and failed) to consolidate them into a Top 10 list.

And so without further ado (drumroll please!)…

Top 10(ish) moments of our week on Safari

11. After a sumptuous dinner al fresco, gathering the gang around a roaring fire pit, and seeing what unfolds when one of the group offers this prompt, ‘So, what do you say we go around the circle and see what everyone has to say about this question: what the worst thing you’ve ever done?’

10. Hoopooes, Crested Flycatchers, Red-faced Mousebirds, Trumpeter Hornbills and Southern Banded Snake-Eagles…the birds were almost as incredible as their names.

9. Under a blanket of stars (while perched in our open-air land cruiser), our guide gave us an Astronomy lesson – complete with laser pointer – as we viewed Jupiter, Venus, Mars, The Southern Cross plus billions and billions more…

8. Our rooms at The Phinda Mountain Lodge…the accommodations at our first lodge (Ngala) were wonderful, but Phinda was remarkable…everyone should have a plunge pool on their deck, shouldn’t they?

7. Seeing each one of the Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo) in their natural environs…while they are still there to be seen.

6. Lions mating…enough said.

5. Seeing a Giraffe shift gears from a slow gait into a full sprint…even at full speed, they appear to glide across the terrain – such a majestic animal!

4. Sundown cocktails with your guide and your gaggle of safari friends…

3. After a late afternoon/early evening safari experience, we headed back to the lodge for dinner. Or so we thought. Instead, we ambled down a darkened trail and suddenly found ourselves in a torch-lit hollow where a gourmet dinner awaited…in the middle of the bush…with tables lit only by lanterns. Amazing…

2. Predators…we’ve all seen animals, but you’ve never really seen them until you are in their environment…a place where their existence can be (violently) ended in the blink of an eye.

1a. After tracking the animal for hours, finally uncovering the rare and (highly) illusive Black Rhino…only to have it charge straight at the jeep!

1. Hearing the four most magical words of all time, “Ma’am, we found your passport!”

– Kevin Cassidy


One Comment

  1. Nicole says:

    What a great list! I’m sure others will add to it. For my part, part two to your number two….seeing the “circle of life” in action as lions feasted on a recently brought down buffalo. The most primitive sight I’ve ever witnessed. You may have understated the accommodations a bit :). A great trip and 25 new friends!

  2. Mary Vogds says:

    Kevin YOU and only you could describe so very eloquently the
    time of our lives!!
    I’m keeping a copy of your feelings as they are ours also!!
    We had a fabulous time with the two of you!!
    (and our special friends the Stapleton’s)

  3. nicky says:

    This was a trip of a lifetime!!!! Every portion of the trip impressed me more. Sharon Carr Travel set up / organized something “truly life changing”. The intinerary, the attention to detail (do i mention i never carried my bags), to the food, service and experiences that are hard to describe….lions, elephants, rhions….etc….big 5 plus 100 others!!! Wow and I mean “wow”. A trip i will never forget…..everyone can do this!!!! As my good friends Shirley and Ken said….it was on their bucket list, but honestly….take this trip as soon as Sharon Carr offers it!!!! Nicky

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