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Normally, we do a bunch of news stories from all around the world,  but today is different. We bring you just one local story and it comes from our friends over at My Friend’s House. 

Jody and The Morning Team-

I wanted to take a moment and share with you a story from My Friend’s House.  I personally can never repay the gratitude I feel for you and your listeners by  helping  to make My Friend’s House a reality for the children of North Texas. I am so fortunate that I get to see every day the generosity of others and how even the smallest gift or talent can and does become a blessing and make a difference in the life of a child or an adult caring for them.  Each night I write in a journal as my own way of helping me to cope and understand so I can support staff and children.  Below is a recent entry I have shared with others and thought  you and your team might want to see how the KLUV listeners have blessed over 145 abused and neglected children in 2010.  Again thank you all for allowing me and My Friend’s House to make every child feel and be a “big” thing.  With a grateful heart may you and your listeners be blessed this season.

She is 6 days old, bald and weighs 6lbs. and 10oz. Dressed in pink and wrapped in a warm blanket she looks like any other newborn.  She arrived at home  ( My Friend’s House) last night at 10:30pm after leaving the comfort of the hospital where she spent her first few days of life.  However, due to the nature of what we do we know she is not a normal newborn. The arrival home was not like the typical arrival of a newborn coming home for the first time.  There was no sign in the yard announcing her arrival, no balloons and no nursery decked in pink due to the careful and diligent planning as doting parents who anxiously awaited the arrival of this precious gift usually do months before.

Instead she arrived as part of a caravan with five siblings, two CPS workers, numerous bags of miscellaneous items from the hospital and mounds of paperwork  and binders of information about their lives.  As the children entered the house tired and hungry I watched the siblings look at their new sister with amazement and wonder much like any other sibling meeting their brother or sister for the first time. Then in a flash they began to busy themselves with exploring the house and playing– again much like new big brothers and sisters.

Soon our attention was turned to paperwork and beginning to understand the story of how these children came to us and what the needs of this group would be.  I sat and listened with this 5 day old in my arms and watching her tremor and shake like her whole body had fallen asleep as if  she was having that “pins and needles”  feeling. I knew that shake and it wasn’t the chills.  It was methamphetamines.  Mom admitted to using at least twice a day and on some days more often and now moms daily pleasure became this babies, what I could only hope, worst nightmare and days of her life and thank God she would never remember what she was going through.  After signing paperwork and becoming her primary caretaker and medical consenter it hit me.  We are now responsible for keeping this little baby girl alive, feeding her, watching her breathe and most importantly protecting her at all costs.  It was a feeling every parent has; but we are not her parents but have eagerly assumed the awesome responsibility. As I handed this little being, still shaking and beginning to make noise that resembled a cry, but again due to the drugs in her little body it sound more like a small kitten, staff tentatively took her and asked “what does she need”.  I simply responded “you”.  Tears welled up in the eyes of the staff and one staff member began to prepare her a place. A place where love would surround her even in those moments of pure frustration when there was nothing anyone could do to comfort her or put her in a state of pure peace and calm due to her withdrawals. 

Upon arrival this morning at My Friend’s House to the sight of  several exhausted staff  who were up all night taking turns trying to comfort her and then in turn trying to comfort each other I found myself once again being handed this little miracle and being asked “why” .  Staff began to cry out of mostly anger that something so small can be hurt in such a huge way.  I talked quietly with staff while holding this little pink blanket of pure innocence.  Trying to be strong and assure them I simply said  to their question as to “why” … “you were chosen as you will become one of the most important people her life will ever know although she will never you’re your name”.  You are what pure Compassion, Grace and more importantly Faith and Hope looks like.  She will be forever blessed.”  As I watched them all leave the room and start checking on the other children  ( of which there are currently 17 with 12 being under the age of 6) )before the end of their shift I retreated to the rocking chair in the family room which was lit by only the light on the aquarium. There wrapped in a blanket of hope and optimism of my own for this little babies life a feeling of thankfulness and pure joy came over me.  I remembered being taught diligently by my parents and grandparents to “treasure the little things because one day they could become big things”.  I know because of My Friend’s House and the staff, our community and endless supporters that so compassionately  give and gave of themselves, their time and talents and more importantly their financial gifts and blessings in the past and now work with us and try so hard to make everyday great this little baby girl  and her siblings will grow up to be a “big” things even if in the beginning their lives appeared to be a little thing.

Patsy McGeehon

My Friend’s House Shelter Director

Comments (7)
  1. Fonda Winter says:

    “why” … “you were chosen as you will become one of the most important people her life will ever know although she will never you’re your name”. You are what pure Compassion, Grace and more importantly Faith and Hope looks like. She will be forever blessed.” AMEN!!! GOD BLESS THE FEW!!

    1. mike G says:

      My family were foster parents for many of these little ones. Everytime my small children asked the same question – Why? We spent the sleepless night because we knew that it was just going to be better for them when they leave us for someone who will want them and protect them. That’s why!

  2. Leigh says:

    Needed a kleenex alert on that one!!! They really are angels on earth.

  3. Penny says:

    just wanted tho let you know you had me crying on the way tho work.wawhat a sad story for those beautiful heart and prayers go out tho them and all the children of the world with problems of that nature.How could a woman do that to a poor helpless child they are such a beautiful gift from God.Beautiful story

  4. Richard says:

    Jody, why did you read this story as I was preparing for work? As I listened, the tears just begin to flow and flow. God bless people like this who continue to give of themselves, day after day.
    Actually….thank you for helping restore faith in humanity.

    A long time KLUV listener.

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