Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Is Getting Bigger!!!

Mike Evans, The Hollywood Insider has the inside scoop on just about everything “Hollywood”!
In today’s report…another Casey Anthony update. Rumor has it that Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling are dating!!! Kim Kardashian’s wedding just keeps getting bigger and bigger, however, their request for freeway closure gets denied! They are also planning to sell the wedding DVD!!! Final wedding cost…about $2 million!!! J-Lo denies she cheated on Marc Anthony…Marc Anthony doesn’t comment! Michael Douglas is in remission and started shooting Liberace this week! Nolan Ryan is ok after being hospitalized. Ryan Seacrest plans on producing movies starting next year! Stephen King is mad that no one wants to make a movie about his new book! And finally, Dwight Yokum will play the villain in The Lone Ranger!
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