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We have a few things going on this morning…

5:45AM – Notes from the News

6:45AM – We’re going to talk ‘Hollywood’ with Mike Evansthe Hollywood Insider.

7:45AM - They Walk Among Us

9AM – Be listening for the first word in the Phrase that Pays for a chance to pick your cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line!!!

Now, on to your morning links!

1. Notes from the News

[Source: kluv.radio.com]

2. Teen Reports Mom for Being Loud

[Source: moms.today.msnbc.msn.com]

3. Stars Win

[Source: espn.go.com]

4. Starbucks Adding Alcohol

[Source: latimes.com]

5. Bitchin’ Kitchen

[Source: youtube.com]

6. Mike Evans

[Source: kluv.radio.com]

7. McDonald’s Twitter Campaign Backfires

[Source: digitaljournal.com]

8. Dick Tufeld, Voice of Lost in Space, Died

[Source: digitaljournal.com]

9. They Walk Among Us

[Source: kluv.radio.com]

10. Facebook Forces Timeline

[Source: finance.yahoo.com]

11. Get to Know Your Neighbors

[Source: wfaa.com]

12. Fried Food Heart Risk is a Myth

[Source: telegraph.co.uk]

13. The Color of Your Plates

[Source: delish.com]

  1. Kimble McSweeney says:

    I grief with you for the loss of Snickers. Losing a babies is not an easy thing. We lost our little Purrseus 3 years ago and I still well up to this day when I think of him. In my anguish, I wrote him a poem, which helps me get through.

    Our Little Purrseus

    There you were with eyes so green – a cotton ball with a face!
    As others jostled and knocked around, I beat them in the race!

    The instant I saw you in that cage along with several more,
    I knew you were destined to be the one that we would love and adore!

    And there you were, just a wisp of fur that sat in the palm of our hand.
    And from your very first mew, we knew that our lives would simply be just grand!

    Affection was always your number one gift. You gave me a special kiss.
    And now as I sit in my loneliness, they’re the one things I truly miss.

    How well we recall the oooohs and ahhhhs as you sauntered into the room.
    You’d parade your princely kittiness and sail your regal plume.

    You acted so smug with the counter jumps as soon as you were able.
    And how we laughed when you paraded by and your plume would clear the table.

    And when guests were here, you’d amble in and bare your princely mane.
    This was always expected of royalty and never considered vain.

    But eventually, as it always does, the hand of Fate appeared.
    It dealt us all a wicked blow with news we always feared.

    A growth upon your tiny heart was taking you away.
    So, with love and tears and disbelief, all we could do was pray.

    As the weeks went by, anxiety grew, but we kept a steady pace.
    We crushed the pills and plied them all, despite your “icky face”.

    The day had come for our turkey feast and then came Santa Claus!
    Our holidays seemed especially fun knowing you were still the boss!

    Then, one night, in the month of love, you came to me to say…
    …the illness had gotten much too strong and you must go away.

    My mind was numb. Our hearts were broke as we watched you stand and fall.
    Through a wash of tears, I kissed your face as your daddy made “the call”.

    The plans we made to ease your way could never come to light,
    But your daddies vowed that all your pain would end that very night.

    Your eyes, so clear, stayed fixed on me. How we loved you so.
    Your tiny hand held tight to me and never let me go…

    …while daddy whispered in your ear of the love we’d always send.
    And with a sigh, the silence fell. Your pain was at an end.

    Your brothers miss you very much. They just don’t understand why.
    Oedipuss is on an endless search and Clawdius can only cry.

    Now daddies cry their silent tears and try to think of when…
    …but one day, not too far away, we’ll hold you once again.

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