The 98.7 KLUV IPO (Instant Pay Out) is paying a dividend! We are giving you the opportunity to put $10,000 in your pocket 8 times every Thursday and $1000 every other weekday.

Listen for the KLUV IPO Sounder at the times below and be the the 110th nationwide caller at 866-EASY-WIN(327-9946)* and you’ll have a $1000 instant pay out! If you hear the sound on Thursdays and are the 110th nationwide caller you’ll win $10,000!

Here is the sound you’ll be listening for!

contest rules

Comments (15)
  1. mary angus says:

    wondering what phone equipment people use to win always busy

  2. Mavis E Holcomb says:

    I listen to you via radio and you advertise your $1000/day & $10k/Thurs as “national” contest but when I tried to call in I got the recording saying “the call cannot be made from your area” — I am in Oregon, a little town in southwestern Oregon, in Douglas County. So it is not a TRULY national contest if the WHOLE nation cannot have access. Just thought you’d like to know.

    1. kluvrebekah says:

      Are you dialing a 1 at the beginning…if so, don’t…its just 866-EASY-WIN. Let me know if that doesn’t work, it could be that they have already closed the phone lines. They will do that as soon as they get a winner.

      1. pj says:

        But that’s if you’re using a cell phone. I have to dial one from my land line.

  3. says:

    How come when i call 8663279946 it tells me the # has been changed,Wht kind of contest is this?

  4. Joyce says:

    I WON!!!!!!!! I just kept hitting redial!!

  5. tucker05 says:

    Did you dial one before the # or just 866 & #?

    1. kluvrebekah says:

      You do not dial one.

      1. Bob says:

        So, I don’t dial 1 before the number, and get a recording that says ” Cannot complete call. Please Dial “1” or “0” before the number

      2. webbiegh says:

        The line is only open until they get the 113th caller and then it is disconnected, which is why you are hearing a recording.

  6. Laura says:

    I tried calling the number without using a one and got a verizon recording telling me it is a non working number:(

  7. stan burt says:

    Jody Jody Jody. My bestest # 1 facebook friend. I love yalls station. Hit me up on the IM when yall get 105 calls. Ill donate half of it to your favorite charity. Lol. Love yalls station. This is a public comment anyhoo. Take care my friend and see ya
    on FB

  8. julie says:

    Same here. Not dialing a “1” either,but I’d feel more inclined to call if I’d atleast got a busy signal instead of “your number cannot be completed as dialed,check the number and try again”. Does that sound right to you?

  9. Sandy says:

    If you use a landline you dial 1 before the number if you use a cellphone you do not. Some people do not understand that since they probably don’t use a landline and consider us antiques.

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