By Rebekah Black

Confession time…I have never seen one single episode of the TV show Star Trek or any of the movies until last night. I went in with absolutely no expectations. I didn’t even read the plot or anything. I was only aware of the main characters just by hearing everyone else talk over the years. With that being said…I loved it!

Every action movie should start off with action immediately! The first 10 minutes is full of it and it really doesn’t stop until the end. That’s my kind of movie. It was funny and for the most part very well written. I will say, without giving anything away, there is one really cheesy Tintanic-esque moment between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk where they share their love for one another through a glass window with full on Vulcan hands. Since it made me laugh out loud…I can look passed it.

The acting is great. Chris Pine really has William Shatner’s same gestures and mannerisms. Zachary Quinto is fabulous in everything he does! Simon Pegg is funny as always. Zoe Zaldona speaks excellent Kilngon, but c’mon girl eat a sandwich. Benidict Cumberbatch just might the creepiest human being on earth, which makes for a really good evil villain. He’s not a bad actor, however, I am convinced he gets roles solely on his “unique” looks. By the way, if I were him…I would ride that weird face all the way to the bank! But the real winner of this movie for me was Bones. Played by Carl Urban. He stole the whole movie for me. He’s funny, he’s cute, and I expect to see him in a lot more role in the future!

The special effects were awesome and I am really picky about special effects. Don’t ever ask me about the effects in Harry Potter, I will go off! There wasn’t one moment in Star Trek Into Darkness where I thought it looked overdone or fake.

Ultimately, here’s how I know its a good movie…when you pretty much know exactly what’s about to happen, you’ve essentially know the entire plot 30 minutes into the movie, and still somehow J.J. Abrams manages to completely keep you entertained.

Like I said, I loved it! I think its equally as good as Iron Man 3. I give it 4 Vulcan nerve pinches! This is definitely one to see in the theater.


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