Words People Mispronouce Every Day

Is moot pronounced mute? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s mooooooooooo-t.

Which word mispronunciation bugs you the most?

David is a huge fan of the People’s Court TV show. He DVRs it every day to stockpile and watch. He actually has a notebook where he writes down the odd ways people on that show will royally screw up a pronunciation. Right now, the list is about 8 pages long.

Some examples…
“FORF” — forth
“CONVERSATED” — conversed
“OAF” — oath, as in oath of office
“GAVEN” — given, as in “he had gaven me”

English might be a foreign language to some, but it shouldn’t be to us.

Rebekah is the opposite. Niche is on her list, but for the wrong reasons. It drives her crazy when people pronounce it correctly. She had a professor that was always saying “neesh” this and “neesh” that. It always seemed pompous. So Rebekah prefers the countrified version…”nitch.”

Jody almost got in a fight with the 49’ers Ricky Watters over the word “ask”. It was at Craig James’ broadcast school for jocks. He wanted to take it personally, and Jody wanted to help him make money. He also had an English teacher who thought the word feigning was pronounced fringing – and a legend in this market always pronounced negotiate neh-go-see-ate.

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