We all have questions about the universe. What does it all mean? For most people, they’ll just go through life always wondering. Others may turn to school with study and research. Why do all that, when you can turn to the man himself…Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Every Sunday night, you can catch him on the hit TV show, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Which is great in a pinch. Not everyone has access to the star astrophysicist like we do.

Naturally, we asked the hard hitting questions and of course, a lot of stupid ones too!

By the way, we actually called him at work! It was weird, the receptionist at the Hayden Planetarium actually answered the phone. He knew we were calling, so please don’t call up there thinking you can get through. We did mention to him how easy it it was to call him at work, which really sort of kicked off the interview.

We went right into talking about Cosmos and then Rebekah just had to ask him about the intro to The Big Bang Theory. There was a rumor going around that he noticed the world was spinning in the wrong direction in the opening credits, of Big Bang Theory, and he called a producer to tell them to fix it. Don’t worry he was very quick to correct her. The story actually goes like this…he did have a cameo on The Big Bang Theory. He did notice a globe spinning the wrong direction, but it’s on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Neil alerted Jon when he was on the show, but producers still haven’t corrected the problem.

Well, that got Jody thinking. Perhaps he was concerned that we were dumb interviewers. Plain and simple, Neil (because we are all old BFFs at this point) likes people that do their homework! You’ve got to love a super smart guy who can make us idiots feel good about ourselves!

He actually encouraged stupid questions too, which opened up whole other can of worms. We somehow got onto the topic of making meth and Breaking Bad. He actually confessed to knowing how to create meth!!! Not that he would, but he knows how. You know in case the whole science thing doesn’t work out, it’s always nice to have a backup plan.

Jody did ask him questions about God and if maybe it was possible for both God and science to have intersected at some point. You will have to listen to full interview for that information. In no way can that be recapped accurately.

We also found out he’s friends with Bill Nye the Science Guy and they text each other everyday. He also claims that watching his kids learn is a much better accomplishment in life than winning the Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive Award! And even though he lives in New York, he still supports the Longhorns and sports cowboy boots around the city from time to time. Plus, he may or may not have mentioned that he stole a pecan pie from a restaurant in Austin.

He was so fun to talk to. Genuinely a nice guy who truly loves his job. We can safely place him in our list of best interviews of all time!

By the way, if you like what you heard here…Good News! He will be in town this coming Monday, May 19th at the AT&T Performing Arts Center!










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