By Rebekah Black

Eat your heart out ladies!!!

If you’re a fan of True Blood or Magic Mike, then you know Joe Manganiello…I don’t even have to explain it to you!

I have to say, he’s not just a pretty face in Hollywood either. He’s smart, charming, and just an all around really nice guy. I actually told him at the end of our interview that I truly enjoyed talking with him. And I really did! He was so personable and friendly. He made me feel like our conversation was the best conversation he’s ever had. That’s really not something you get from a lot of celebrities.

The interview did start off a little shaky because I was soooooo nervous! There were plenty of times where I was just rambling like a crazy person. Billy Kidd, our production guy, did the interview with me. I swear there was at least a five-minute period where I wouldn’t let him talk or ask questions. Sorry Billy!

Joe was in Dallas last Friday to promote his new film, LaBare. Yes, it’s a movie about the strip club here in Dallas. Joe is actually the director of the film. Now, he doesn’t actually consider La Bare to be his directorial debut. He told us he’s been directing since high school. His first love was filmmaking which turned into acting.

LaBare is a documentary, which is told by the current employees of the club. Randy “Master Blaster” Ricks has been working there since 1979!!! He’s still going strong and has generations of fans, including one local family, where great grandma , grandma, mom, daughter, and granddaughter all come out to see his show. They even get into to fights over him! He’s able to create this fantasy and get inside his fan’s hearts. In fact, married men everywhere should get advice about their women from Master Blaster himself.

We all heard the stories after Magic Mike about Channing Tatum. He was a stripper at one point in his life. So, I had to ask Joe the same question. The short answer is no. He went to drama school and didn’t have to work his way through college. However, he did admit to working in a bar at age 16 and getting paid to wear a Captain Morgan pirate outfit…hat and eye patch included.

Ladies, the man is single! Trust me…I asked! I even offered to get divorced so that we could be together. He’s no home wrecker though. I even put him on the spot and demanded Manganiello babies! That might have embarrassed him just a bit.

We also talked about True Blood. The season just started on HBO Sunday night. He mentioned that he and Ana Paquin are good together as a couple. The spunky blonde fairy and the brooding werewolf just work. There’s even talk of a True Blood musical!

We also found out, Joe has written a book. It’s called Evolution. It’s about getting into shape, but it’s not written from the physical aspect. It’s more about being mentally ready to work to change your body. Getting mentally ready worked for him and it will work for you too!

Now I know it’s hard to tell in the interview, but Billy needs help…stripper help! You know for his wife! So we asked Joe for some advice. According to Joe, Billy needs a routine, a uniform, a fog machine, and baby oil! Ha! His wife will love it. The cop routine is probably going to be the best bet. You know, you can pull your wife over and cuff her!

Yeah, that’s really where we needed to end the conversation.

Go see LaBare!!! It’s in theaters July 27th.

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