Rebekah: I Am Literally Allergic To Running!

I love Wed MD. So much so that I will Wed MD every little thing. Most of the time it’s just for fun, but occasionally I have a real reason to use it.

The last time I got on Wed MD, I was pre-menopausal.

Well, now I am allergic to running…LITERALLY!

This has been a thing for me for years! I just didn’t know it until now! I can remember back in elementary school when we were forced to run in P.E. As soon as we started running, almost immediately, my legs would start itching.

For my whole entire life, I have always itched while running. Usually it starts at my thighs and then it travels to my stomach. I scratch so much that my skin gets red. You can see the scratch marks on my legs.

It wasn’t until the other day when someone told me that that was weird and I should google it! So I did.

For some people, when they run, histamine is released throughout their veins causing the itch! It’s called Exercise-Induced Urticaria.

The cure…Benadryl before each run. Ummmm, that seems counter-productive!

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