The Texas Tech Band Will Pay $100 A Ticket For The UT Game

Author: Rebekah Black

Longhorns for life! I had to get that out of the way before I present to you a completely unbiased story about the upcoming Thanksgiving game…UT VS Tech.

According to a tweet sent out by Aaron Dickens, the managing editor of Red Raider Sports, the Texas Tech Band will have to pay $100 a seat for the Turkey Day game. Apparently The University of Texas and Texas Tech had some sort of agreement where neither bands paid for their admission to the games at either campus.

Does it suck that Tech now has to pay a pretty high price to get into Darrell K. Royal stadium? Yes.

Is it ridiculous hilarious (coming from a die hard Longhorn fan) that they have to fork over the cash? Yes. Hahahahahahaha!!!

Look, I was a student once. I didn’t cry when I had to pay $65 for a ticket in your stupid stadium. Well, so much for the unbiased portion of this article.


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