It's not when they climb the tree. It's when you realize OMG, they're up there!By Jody Dean

I’m so grateful for my children.

Yes, I know I sound like every other proud parent, but I really do love the people they are. They’re interesting, multi-dimensional, well-balanced, and fun.

Which, as any father will attest, makes all us dads think to ourselves, “Dear Lord, how did we manage to pull off that??”

Among the things I’ve always hoped they’d value is a sense of adventure and daring. That Jack London-esque quality that called them to the outdoors – which is probably the best place on earth to understand our own insides.

But though it’s awesome to look up and realize your little one just climbed their first tree, it is absolutely terrifying when it hits you that they just scrambled six feet up one on the other side of the playground.

My oldest son sent me a video of himself climbing Colorado’s 14,279 foot tall Castle Peak – the 9th tallest peak in the North American Rocky Mountains, and one of the so-called Fourteeners.

In climbing they have what are called “no fall zones” – which means whatever else you do in those areas, do not fall.

Now, I trust his skills and his judgment – but that video made me a nervous wreck.

Of course, this is also the young man who used to climb out his window onto the roof so he could jump in the pool, but that was then.

I’d planned on seeing the new movie Everest. I think I’ve changed my mind.

For those who have kids, do yours have a hobby or a passion that just makes you gulp?

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