Four Words to Tell Veterans After “Thank You For Your Service”

I received an email this morning, Veterans Day, from my mate which made me cry. When I told him that, he assured me that wasn’t his intention. 😉 As a 20-year Army veteran, he’s mentioned on occasion that the phrase “Thank you for your service,” by itself, leaves him cold. Now I understand that it’s not the phrase itself, but what’s missing afterward.

Here’s the email:

“Always bothers me, and other vets, when someone says ‘Thank you for your service.’

I never know how to answer. Often I just say, ‘It was my pleasure.’ Ok, not quite true, AND, I certainly had to do a certain amount of suffering and deprivation to ‘earn’ the Vet label.

I think it would be grand if my service was simply acknowledged with ‘Thank you.’

AND then followed up with: ‘We Still Need You.’

Maybe you could publicize that alternative. Vets don’t quit, they don’t give up, they used to have a mission and a purpose in life that was larger than them. And they LIKED IT! They have so much more to give and would give gladly, even joyfully.

Only 1% of our citizens serve now. All of them, Men and Women, are volunteers. They learned how to do so much with so little that they can do anything with nothing!!! Not a joke.

‘Thanks, we still need you.’ would say so much more to the brand new vets and the really old alike; to the healthy and the grievously injured.

Could you get out the word somehow?”

I am!

Pass it on.

Every day is Veterans Day.

“We still need you.”


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