If Soda Commercials Were Honest…

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a Diet Coke addict. I’m not ashamed, but maybe I should be. These things are terrible for you, but we drink them anyway.

So what would happen if soda companies were more truthful in their commercials?

The guys at Cracked came up with the video to show exactly how we fool ourselves. You aren’t doing yourself any favors either if you justify your soda as anything other than liquid candy.They basically add bubbles to it and pretend it’s a drink. They strategically spend millions so you associate soda with fun and togetherness, even holidays. They even try to get your kids, saying that have a huge investment with public schools.

Now for those of you really concerned with the effects of soda, don’t worry! They can put the word diet on the can. You know just replace the natural sugars with chemicals!

Ahhhhhh, sweet, sweet sugary acid that can strip paint off a car. It’s delicious! Anyone else thirsty?




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