By Jody Dean

Saturday night was the night of the big Dallas Opera simulcast at AT&T Stadium, and once again I was the host. Everything was going just fine until the show began, when I got a text from Fiona.

She’d been out walking the dogs and felt something strange on the back of her leg, and she didn’t think much of it – until the area started to itch and burn a bit. When she looked closer, she noticed two red spots about a half inch apart, just below her calf – and she sent me a picture.

Yup. It was a snake bite.

I told her to get to the ER, and of course she initially didn’t want to – but I talked her into it, and Madi and I left the stadium to meet her at the hospital.

More than likely it was a copperhead, since sometimes they will “dry” bite without injecting any venom. All our rain has driven a bunch of snakes out of their usual habitats, so it’s worth remembering which snakes in this part of Texas can cause you trouble.

What’s ironic is that Fiona is from Australia, where just about anything that crawls can and happily will kill you – but she had to come Texas to get bitten by a snake.


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