Arlington Seventh Grader Kicked Out Of School For Having Long Hair

Author: Jenny Q

I can’t believe the school would do this with only 5 weeks left of school before summer vacation?

12-year-old Isaias Mouton was forced to withdraw from his Arlington charter school because of his long hair…that he’s had all year. Isaias father, Israel Mouton, said that this is the first time his hair has been brought up in the four years his son has been at the Newman International Academy of Arlington.

Israel said, “It is my position that my son should not cut his hair because the rules have never been enforced.” The superintendent and founder of the Newman International Academy, Dr. Sheba George, said, “Isaias had a very, very long time to be in compliance with this policy.”

The school’s student handbook says that boys’ hair can be no longer than the top of the collar or below the eyebrows. However girls only have to keep hair out of their eyes and have it be a natural hair color.

“I have helped with the track team, helped with robotics. I play viola in the school orchestra,” Isaias said. “Most important of all, I always make good grades.”

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