Do NOT Buy Your Prom Dress From China!!!

Prom season is here! You can probably tell with the influx of teens dressed to the nines popping up at fancy restaurants all over DFW.

We do have a warning for those of you who haven’t found your dress yet. DO NOT BUY IT FROM CHINA!!!

Let’s be honest, guys have it easy. They really don’t have to buy anything other than flowers and prom tickets. For girls, prom can get crazy expensive. The dress alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. We completely understand the temptation to browse online and find the dress for less. Once again…DO NOT BUY YOUR DRESS FROM CHINA!!!

Why? Well, more than likely the picture online isn’t what comes in the mail. Many Chinese clothing sites steal pictures from designer websites and put them on their site offering a much cheaper version of the clothing.

Alivia Briggs had to learn that lesson the hard way, after her pink beaded prom dress looked nothing like what she ordered. Well, I take that back…they got the color right…sort of.

Luckily, Alivia has a pretty great sense of humor. When she opened the package…all she could do was laugh.

Unfortunately, I too have made this same mistake. I spent $100 on the world’s smallest clothes and the cheapest fabric possible. One shirt, which was supposed to be a long sleeved baggy tunic type top, actually turned out to be an incredibly tight short sleeved shirt that busted at the seem when I flexed my arms!

And the worst part…I couldn’t send anything back because the address was written in Chinese!

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