Lionel Richie Wants His Daughter, Sofia, To “Cover It Up”

Author: Rebekah Black

In this day and age sex sells. We live in a world that tells women to flaunt it if you got it. Most Hollywood parents even encourage it…cough…Kris Jenner…cough.

However, Lionel Richie isn’t having it! He doesn’t want to see any skin showing on his daughter Sofia, even though she’s 18-years-old.

In what most would deem a fairly tame outfit, a pair of sweatpants with a mesh, see-through strip down the side, Lionel wasn’t having it! Sofia posted a pic on Instagram of her father trying to cover up the side of her leg with his hand.

Just look at his face! He is NOT having it! We don’t think he’s letting her out of the house in those pants!

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