New Wristband Tells You When to Drink Water

Author: Jenny Q

We’ve heard forever that we need to drink more water, and there’s ample evidence that we don’t need as much as *think* we do. This invention could help know when it’s really necessary: a wristband tells you when to drink.

The LVL fitness band – which is being funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign – measures your bloodstream with infrared light and vibrates when it’s time to drink some water. It also links to a smartphone app so you can keep tabs on your hydration levels.

They’ve already raised $643,000!

A wonderful use for this would be for our grandparents, parents and – eventually – all of us. We lose our thirst impulse at as we age and easily get dehydrated. It causes all kinds of problems. We’re consistently telling our ninetysomething parents, “Drink up!” The wristband would help us be more accurate as to when — and how much.

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