Jerky Pumpkin Pie Eater Wins The Award For Worst Thanksgiving Guest

Author: Rebekah Black

What is the worst offense that could happen around your Thanksgiving Day table? We can put up with things like burping or unbuttoning your pants at the dinner table, however, we will not tolerate a jerky pumpkin pie eater!

Pumpkin pie is a staple of any turkey day celebration. There’s nothing better than a piece of cold pumpkin pie with a little bit of whipped cream on top. That’s why you save it for last!

It’s 2016. You would think we can all at least be civil at the dessert table, but NO! We have this jerky pumpkin pie eater, who officially wins the award for worst Thanksgiving guest EVER!

Thanks to Redditor SrirachaFlash, who ratted out the biggest holiday offender of all time.

Come on!!! Who does that? You can’t just cut out the middle of the dang pie. Why don’t you just get a fork and start eating from the middle. Ugggg! This guy is the worst!

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