Did you know Florida is sometimes called “The Second Chance State.” Why? Because if you’ve made a mistake, move to Florida. Chances are, you’ll get another chance in life. If you live there, it’s even easier… lol!

Recently Vero Beach FL (less than a hour north of West Palm Beach) police were called to a parking lot by a Bank Of America employee who approached a van, and upon doing so, a man jumped out and began yelling at them.

Police found Crayton Coursey, sitting NAKED in the van, covered in fire extinguisher foam, according to Sebastian Daily.

Coursey told officers he worked for the company that owned the van. Police soon learned, the van… was stolen!

Coursey has a penchant for vehicles of all kinds.

In January, Coursey stole a motorized shopping cart from the popular Florida supermarket Publix… and drove it to a nearby hospital and created a disturbance there.

For now, Coursey is in jail with bond set at $20,000.

Click HERE to see Coursey’s surprised looking mugshot. I guess that’s the after-look of being naked and covered in fire extinguisher foam. Priceless… lol!