The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale: Blake Powers Talks About It and Wants Your Comments!

So much was at stake during last night’s season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, that I j-u-s-t have to talk about it… :)!

I never really trusted the “garbage people”, and my doubt proved correct. Add them to the bottom of Rick and his crew’s take-’em-out list. Wonder if they should expect a large fire in their dump, anytime soon…;-)?

For the first time, we actually witnessed psychopath Negan yell in fear… with he and his noggin’ nocker “Lucille”… running for cover. I’d do the same if a tiger attacked one of my crew … right-in-front-of-me! Whoa!

Plus, is it just me, or did the garbage people all attend the School Of English For B-Rated Cowboys and Indians Movies? I just wanted Rick to say to her, …”and by the way, you’ve been watching too many low budget 1950s/1960s cowboys and Indians movies… because no one speaks like that.” Ryan Reynolds could deliver the line much more effectively… lol! My wife kept saying, “why didn’t Rick try to take the gun away from the garbage people leader?” Yeah, after she turned the table on Rick and the crew and jumped about the Negan bandwagon, I don’t even care what her name is.  Well, I can only imagine having a gun put in my face, let alone being shot from point-blank-range to put you “down” as she said, versus kill him.

Interesting to see Negan question Eugene about the main character who leaves the show, and I predict Negan will have more questions.

Good to see Michonne survive. Her near-death experience proves they all need more training.

Speaking of the departing character, I feel they left… in a v-e-r-y effective and memorable way… that also made Negan realize… he’s not invincible, and only as good as his puppets.

When Negan said, “We’re going to war”, I hope Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom can come together stronger than ever, which their survival will depend on.

How about Daryl finally getting to let off some major rapid-fire steam? Long time comin’ for him!

Just in case you didn’t know, The Walking Dead season 8 was given the green-light awhile back, so we’ll all anticipate what’s to come this fall.

Share your thoughts about last night’s season 7 finale of The Walking Dead.

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