By Blake Powers

Kendall Jenner’s NEW Pepsi commercial, which depicts her joining an in-the-streets protest is ripe for being ripped, and that’s exactly what is happening.

Confusion as to it’s true premise, “tone-deaf”, “a complete disaster” and other more colorful comments are bomb-blasting the ad, which Pepsi has now pulled. They have also apologized to Kendall, as reported by TMZ.

TMZ also notes Rosario Dawson saying the commercial is “Eerily reminiscent of Chemical Brother’s ‘Out of Control’ vid we shot in Mexico City – 15 years ago, sadly minus the point.”

That video was satire on America’s advertising community (which historically gets into most anything that can prove profitable), mocking soda companies that exploited social injustice at that time.

First impressions are really important in many things in life, and the first I get from the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial… is materialism. Another, seizing the opportunity. The photographer is apparently frustrated with her photos, then jumps at the opportunity to take pics at the protest. Happy photos won’t sell. However, pics from a protest that turns ugly… will.  Let’s tag-a-long and be ready should it happen!

Plus, with all the security Kendall Jenner is accustomed to, I s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y doubt we’d see her mid-crowd, unaccompanied, at a large politically infused protest. Not only could that easily put her safety at risk, she could also ruin some designer wear.

I had no idea a can of soda could peacefully pause an on-duty police officer during crowd control, end African-American/police issues, and bring an entire group of protesters into gleeful celebration… uh… of what?

What a perfect opportunity for Coca-Cola, Dr.Pepper, etc., to seize the moment of opportunity of competition.

Star power can be very effective when helping market a product… but Kendall Jenner… like this… for Pepsi? No.

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