Kelly Clarkson Shares Epic Recording Flub, Completely Misses The Note

Author: Rebekah Black

God bless Kelly Clarkson! She’s simply the best! And it’s not because she’s one of our favorite Texans. It’s because she isn’t afraid to put it all out there, even on those rare occasions when she just doesn’t hit the note.

For most singers, the last thing they want to share with the world is an epic flub. However, Kelly Clarkson is more than willing to embrace that moment. While recording in the studio (hopefully a new album), Kelly gets ready to take on the high note. Now she thinks she’s about to nail it. However, what comes out is nothing but pure hilarity.

The best part though is Kelly’s reaction. Not only is she dying laughing on the ground, but she tells her producer to put it on loop.

OMG! We are crying right along with her. Hysterical!!!

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