Fast food is delicious.

There we said it.  It had to be said.  Is it the most healthy?  No?  Is it cheap and quick and comforting?  All three definitely.

There’s an unwritten code of conduct between the fast food employee and the customer pulling up in their car at the drive-thru window; a mutual understanding to treat each other with respect, because a small part of both of them would rather be somewhere completely different at that moment.

As a former drive-thru worker, Kelsey Stiegman revealed some of those unwritten rules that customers should always follow, in order to make the drive-thru experience quick and painless for all.  For all of us driving through, we should never:

Sit there and dig through our to-go bag

It’s rude to do this because the assumption is your order is automatically incorrect, plus it causes a lines of cars to stack behind you.  Also, employees are often timed and graded on how long they turn cars in and out of the window.

Say “You messed up my order”

The employee working the window didn’t mess up your order, someone in the kitchen did.  Total shooting the messenger-type thing.

Bang on the window to get the employee’s attention

It’s rude, not to mention unsanitary, and if you’re still sitting at the window after receiving your food the employee probably knows something is wrong, and will check with you immediately.

Try to order something at the second drive-thru window

The second window often does not have a cash register.  The person manning that window has to walk to the first window, wait for that current customer to finish their order to put in whatever you wanted after the fact.  It’s easier to walk into the store to order that second Coke, or just pull around to the speaker a second time.

Asking the employee to throw away your garbage for you

There’s no telling what is in the garbage, and accepting anything of the sort could potentially bring a huge health code violation on the restaurant.

Asking for a refill

Kind of the same logic as trying to pawn off your garbage.  The employee has no idea what was done with the cup in the time they handed it to you to the time you’re trying to hand it back.

Talk quietly

The speaker boxes are not of the highest quality.  Everyone has trouble hearing them, apparently.

Ask for a straw or napkin when the employee just said “straws and napkins are in the bag”

This is just a plea to listen carefully.  Nobody likes repeating themselves repeating themselves.

Via Seventeen


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