By Stephanie Jarrell, KLUV's DSM Reviewer

Not sure what Net Neutrality is? Time to learn!!!

Last night, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took aim again to defend Net Neutrality, and brought the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) website… to a halt!

Three years ago, John first took on the issue, calling for viewers to jump on the FCC website to complain, which they did!

After doing so, the FCC made finding the subject on their website more difficult. John provided a fast way to access the FCC page link by purchasing the domain

After John’s follow-up segment last night… the FCC website crashed… again!

John told his viewers to “hit ‘express’ and comment, telling Ajit Pai that you specifically support strong Net Neutrality, backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.”

If you’re not sure what this is about… be SURE to watch the attached video. NO internet provider should be allowed to choose favorites and slow down other sites, simply for profit!



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