Fake Homeless Woman Exposed In Virginia

There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, the woman in this video didn’t really tell hers, but we have to admit the video footage is pretty damning.

A couple of guys in Virginia decided to take investigative reporting into their own hands after suspecting that a “homeless” woman wasn’t really homeless, even though she hit the streets every day begging for change. In a YouTube video posted by 1t Productions, they guys followed the supposed homeless woman after she was recorded begging for change with a sign in her hands. They followed her to a McDonald’s parking lot where they discovered she was about to get into a 2014 Fiat SUV.

Of course when they ask her what she’s doing, she became very defensive. She even tried to get the police involved, but the McDonald’s employees weren’t willing to call 911 based on the information provided at the time. At one point, the woman even claims to be on disability, but then refuses to say what for after some pressure from the guys with the camera.

Like we said earlier, we don’t really know this woman’s situation, however, if she is faking it’s wrong on so many levels because there really are people out there who need help.


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