Rebekah: My Bathroom Remodel Is Finally Finished

Sort of.

Back in January, while cleaning the shower, a tile popped right off the wall. Upon further inspection, I discovered a giant crack running all the way around the bottom of my shower. Who know how long this thing had been leaking into the walls? To no surprise, there was mold. The shower was a total gut job.

So, me and my wise ways, thought it would be a great idea to just redo the whole thing. The only thing we left in the bathroom were the cabinets and counter tops. Everything else…gone.

My current bathroom situation.

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We even replaced the toilet. By the way, I could totally be a toilet model.

Testing out toilets! A little bummed I can't do a sit test. 🚽

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We bought a lot of tile.

I think we have all the #tile!

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I was beyond excited when it all started coming together.

We have concrete!

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We have #tile people!!!

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Let's take a vote…angled or straight? #bathtub

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One step closer to a finished shower.

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We have grout and the rest of the shower floor!

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Just like every other renovation you see on HGTV, we went way over budget and a week over our timeline. In fact, there was a dicey day between the contractor and I. He either referred to me as a “pendejo” or used that word to comment on one of my ideas.

At first I was really mad and stormed out of the bathroom. However, after he came back from lunch, he was overly nice and apologetic. Honestly, just one of those moments where we were tired of seeing each other. And I would gladly use him again and recommend him to friends. I mean, this guy was in my house every single day, including weekends until 8PM. With those kinds of hours, there’s bound to be a breaking point. And the day we fought over a stupid drywall box cover was it!

In the end though, it was sooooooooooooooo worth it! My bathroom is amazing! I love it so much! Sometimes I walk in and can’t believe it’s all mine!

I keep forgetting to post the final product of our bathroom reno. Here it is…you know, since I cleaned today.

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We still have a few more things to add to the room…new light plates, new light fixtures, and of course new towels. But those will have to wait a while since we went over budget.

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