By David Rancken

We just gotta get this out…DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN got a hold of the Bachelor in Paradise contract and as expected it’s VERY one-sided. Of course the show is going to have a contract that protects them in every possible way.

Basically the gist is…producers can do pretty much whatever they want. That means they can destroy you and your reputation. That contract also allows them to film you naked, air all the intimate details of your life they think is relevant, and even flat-out lying about you and things you’ve done.To top all that off, you even sign off that the producers are not liable for almost anything that happens to you in the course of filming, whether you’re injured, suffer emotional trauma, catch an STD — or, in the words of the contract, subject to “unwelcome/unlawful contact or other interaction among participants.”


Unfortunately, contracts like this are pretty common for reality shows. New York-based entertainment attorney at Reavis Parent, Nicole Page breaks it down like this…

“I can basically take your image and do whatever I want with it and I own it and you have no recourse.”

To give you a little more perspective, remember the episode of Bachelor in Paradise when Clare finally lost it and turned to a raccoon as a confidant? She later revealed that she was actually talking to a producer. Or when Clare was on The Bachelor and she and Juan Pablo took a late-night swim in the ocean and something definitely happened? In a later interview, Clare contended that, actually, nothing happened.

You can read more on the Bachelor In Paradise contract HERE.



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