‘Toy Story’ Co-Writer Reveals True Story Of Andy’s Dad

For years ‘Toy Story’ fans have debated the whereabouts of Andy’s father in the film, and we finally have an answer.

Recently, Mike Mozart, a toy designer who consulted on the movie, recounted a story from his late friend, and ‘Toy Story’ co-writer Joe Ranft about where Andy’s Dad is in the first film. The story is pretty incredible and heartbreaking.

Now it’s important to point out that Andrew Stanton, the other writer of ‘Toy Story’ has disputed this story, but it’s better than most of the fan theories floating around out there and it’s coming from one of the writers of the movie.

When Mozart asked about Andy’s dad, and why there aren’t any pictures of him in the house his answer blew our minds.

There are pictures of Andy’s Dad in the house. They are just pictures of him as a child, because Andy’s family is living in Andy’s Grandmother’s house, his dad’s childhood home. All the pictures you see in the background of the movie with Andy wearing glasses or missing his front teeth are actually Andy’s Dad.

He went on to elaborate saying that Andy is a spitting image of his father as a boy. Mozart then elaborated saying that Andy’s toys in the movie are actually Andy Sr.’s toys. WHAT?!

According to Mozart, Andy’s father had polio as a child and his parents planned on burning his belongings. After an argument his parents comprised and locked his toys away in a toy chest in the attic. Andy Sr. told them to sleep because he had to go to the hospital.

Obviously Andy Sr.’s health improved and he went on to marry and have children. However, shortly after Andy’s sister’s birth, his father became ill again and died.

Andy’s mother then moved in with her mother-in-law during the tough time, and the toys were discovered in the Attic.

Not only are they his father’s toys, but apparently the Toys in ‘Toy Story’ don’t even realize there are two Andys!!

This is crazy! Do you believe this theory? Let us know in the comments.


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