Be careful when you’re scoring some free sniffs at your favorite restaurant this weekend.  A new study found that just smelling food can cause you to gain weight.

Nothing is sacred anymore, apparently.

Uc Berkley researchers found that our sense if smell is connected to our body’s decision to store fat or burn it off.  Three groups of mice, a control group, a group of “super smellers,” and a group whose sense of smell was just briefly disabled, were out to the test.  They were all fed the same “high fat” diet over a course of time.  With the same exact diet, the group of mice with an impaired sense of smell gained the least amount of weight.  In fact, they barely gained weight at all, just increasing about 10% of their body weight.  The super smellers, however, gained a TON of weight, almost doubling in size.

They all ate the EXACT SAME diet!

Lead study author Celine Riera told the SF Gate, “In the context of food and appetite, this is really novel,” noting that this might provide a simple tactic for people looking to shed pounds.  However, she continued saying, “People that don’t have a sense of smell can get depressed, because the sense of smell is very important for behavior.  They lose all pleasure of eating.”

Via Delish


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