Peanut butter, more than just part of the All American lunch.  Now, it is a bona fide tool for prison escape.

Inmates at an Alabama jail were able to change the numbers above jail doors and trick an inexperienced guard into opening a door that led outdoors.  The group of 11 inmates immediately bolted for the outdoors, shedding their orange jumpsuits and using blankets to climb over a fence topped with razor wire.

Walker County Sheriff James Underwood said in a news conference, “It may sound crazy, but these people are crazy like a fox.”  He continued, saying inmates “scheme all the time to con us and our employees at the jail.  You have to stay on your toes.  This is one time we slipped up.  I’m not going to make any excuses.”  The guard they fooled was brand new to the job, and Underwood is sympathetic towards him.  “They took advantage of a young fellow that hadn’t been here very long.”

The group of 12 inmates were between the ages of 18 to 30, and faced charges ranging from disorderly conduct to attempted murder. Fortunately, 11 of the 12 inmates were found and taken back to jail without incident, the only injury coming when a guard sliced his thumb on the fence.  A manhunt continues for the last, who was being held on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. An airborne helicopter has been added to the search, so it should be no time at all before he’s rounded up.

Via ABC News


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