Australian Teen’s Legs Were Eaten By Sea Fleas!

Dear Lord in Heaven, we are NEVER getting into the ocean again.

Why you ask? Well, there’s a little creature that lives in Australia, called a sea flea and it will eat your skin off!

Sam Kanizay was trying trying to cool off after football when he went for a swim in the ocean. Less than 30 minutes in, his legs started tingling. He thought it was from playing football. However, it was much worse than that. He was being attacked by sea fleas. You can see the grotesque pics HERE.

When he got out of the water, his legs and feet were covered in  blood. He thought maybe he’d stepped on a rock and went ahead and went home. But once he was home, the bleeding wouldn’t stop. So Sam ended up in the emergency room. Of course everyone was completely baffled by whatever had been munching on Sam’s legs.

His father Jarrod, ended up doing some research of his own by going back to the same location with some raw meat. He caught several of them and brought them home.

WARNING! The video below is footage that Jarrod caught with raw meat. Some may consider it disturbing.

The following day, marine scientist Dr. Genefor​ Walker-Smith took a look at these nasty little creatures and decided they are sea fleas. While sea fleas are common, this is one of those rare cases where they ate more than usual.





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