iPhone Myths That You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

Even though the buzz isn’t exactly what is was back when the iPhone 4 was coming out, people are still talking about Apple’s iPhone 8 reveal this coming Tuesday.

But for those of us who are still stuck with our iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s or 7 (not to mention the “Plus” attached to some of them), we’ve dealt with (kind of) disturbing myths and rumors for years.

With the help from our friends at iDrop News, it’s time to do some debunking.

  1. Putting Your iPhone In Uncooked Rice Fixes Water Damage: nope!  In fact, the residue and starch in the rice might speed-up your iPhone’s corrosion process.  Instead, let it sit and dry…or just take it in to get it repaired.
  2. You Need To Drain Your Battery Before You Charge It: not anymore!  Today’s lithium-ion batteries aren’t like they used to be.  You’re OK to charge your iPhone whenever you want.  In fact, if you let it drain down to just about nothing before you recharge it, you’re actually risking putting stress on the battery.
  3. Charging Overnight Is Dangerous: doing this it totally safe!  Your iPhone has about 400 “cycles” before the battery quality starts to go down: so letting it sit completely charged doesn’t make much of a difference.  However, charging does create heat…so keep your iPhone in an “open air” area (not under your pillow, sheets and/or blankets, silly).
  4. Closing Out All Of Your Apps Saves Battery Life And Makes The iPhone Run Faster: believe it or not, this actually makes your battery drain faster!  The reason?  The iPhone needs to work harder to start the app “from scratch”.  And because the iPhone’s RAM works well already, you won’t notice a big change of speed when you get out of all the apps.
  5. Wireless Connections Drain Your Battery Quickly: the latest Bluetooth connection standard does a lot better than it used to in terms of energy consumption.  When it comes to getting online, WiFi is definitely the way to go, though: it uses much less power than LTE (exception: when your phone is constantly looking for WiFi).

Even though this information is for existing iPhones, you can pretty much count on it applying to new iPhones, too.

Source: iDrop News


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