Before you start freaking out like it’s 2012 (remember that?), keep in mind that NASA is already calling this a hoax.

Now let’s get to the story.

A Christian numerologist by the name of David Meade (who studied astronomy at the University of Louisville) says the world is going to end today, Saturday, September 23, 2017, with a series of Armageddon-like events: and that, “…a major part of the world will not be the same.”

He claims that a series of world-ending earthquakes and tsunamis will be caused by Nibiru/Planet X: which is apparently on a collision course with Earth.  Meade says last month’s solar eclipse, Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, etc. were all marked in the Bible: and that his theory even lines-up with ancient markers on the Egyptian pyramids.

NASA hasn’t bought his conspiracy theory for years: all the way back to 2012’s similar claim (linked to the end of the Mayan calendar).  They say Nibiru/Planet X would be visible to the naked eye now: and that astronomers would have known about it for more than a decade.

Read my favorite tweet (below) from a Canadian radio producer who recently tried to book Meade for an interview.

Source: CBS Detroit



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