Workers, on average, spend about 49 minutes each day commuting to work.

A small percentage of people enjoy the long commutes.  There’s time to gather your thoughts and just be by yourself.  The rest of us sane people hate them.  We’re just trying to get to our exit a mile away, can y’all just please merge quickly?!

Some cities have better commutes than others, and some definitely have it worse.  In fact, one of those cities that have it worse is Dallas!  We’re not sure if we should be proud or not.

Dallas, 54.85 minutes, according to Robert Half, actually has the fifth worst commute nationwide, behind Washington D.C. (60.42), San Francisco (59.20), Chicago (58.50), and New York (57.92).

Austin and Houston both made the top 12 as well, with 51.85 and 50.56 minutes, respectively.

However, despite Dallas being ranked higher, we actually have a less stressful commute than our Texas brethren.  Austin has the most stressful commute of the three, and actually the third most stressful nationwide, only behind Los Angeles and Miami.  Houston has the 6th most stressful commute, and Texas has the 7th most stressful.

Via Robert Half 


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