Two beloved comedians roll through North Texas… well, South Oklahoma…  Friday night at Winstar World Casino. Dennis Miller and fellow SNL alum, David Spade, who’s like his “baby brother. I love him with all my heart.”

“Nobody makes me laugh harder in real life – maybe Dana Carvey and Martin Short – I’ll put those three on my Mt. Rushmore, minus one. I’ll throw Steve Martin in there… but those four people just devastate me and Spade is such a different take for me. It’s a stream of consciousness that just makes me laugh so hard. So once a year or twice a year we try to do a gig together.”

I last interviewed Dennis a quarter century ago after his long, memorable run on Saturday Night Live as he embarked on his short-lived late night talk show.  When I mentioned that his Wikipedia page is longer than Winston Churchill’s: “Well that’s what happens when you have a lot of shows cancelled on you. You have an eclectic C.V.” 

Recall his next stint, however, Dennis Miller Live lasted eight years on HBO. Here’s one of Spade’s visits from 1997.

Monday Night Football booth, CNBC, Fox News, eight years as a syndicated radio host. It IS a long C.V.

Miller and Spade will perform their separate acts this Friday but may introduce something new: Q&A from the audience.

“People seem to have SNL questions all the time and I used to think when I was younger ‘just do your act’ but now as I get older… people are genuinely so fond of that show maybe I’ll ask Spade ‘do you want to come out at the end and just sit on stools and take questions for a while.’”

Is this up for a vote?

Here’s Dennis’s take on slipping NFL ratings, online echo chambers, and whether or not social media/instant world feedback has altered his comedy.


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