We all have that one friend, right?  They don’t want to buckle down into a long-committed relationship with their own Netflix account, so they just use yours.  If you don’t have a friend like that, there might be a chance you are that one friend.

Either way, what happens when a couple shares a Netflix account, and they split?  How do you break it to your ex that the final step in moving on from a relationship is changing the Netflix password.

For student Samantha Pellerin, her ex boyfriend was still using her parents’ Netflix account.  She logged on to start watching the second season of Stranger Things, and noticed that her account gave her the option to resume watching.  Knowing her boyfriend was the only one with access to the account, she decided to enact a little revenge.

Now mind you, the second season of Stranger Things has nine episodes, so by episode five, you’re in the absolute meat of the story!  Samantha told LADbible, “We split up about two weeks ago, I went on my Netflix to start watching Stranger Things 2 but it said ‘resume watching’.  I hadn’t even started and he’s the only one to have my password, so I knew it had to be him watching it.  It’s my family’s they were hella mad at me for sharing the password with him.”

Samantha has no regrets about kicking her ex off her account, as he “screwed her over first.  I don’t think he knows or he’s just not texting me about kicking him off cause we ended on bad terms.”

Via LADbible 


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