Guy Fieri On Guy’s Big Project: I Just Really Wanted To Share My Insight…Maybe I Can Help Someone Else Get The Opportunity That I Got

Guy Fieri has yet another show on the Food Network! However, he wouldn’t call it a TV show, in fact, it’s more of a documentary.

Guy’s Big Project hits the small screen this Sunday, November 5th. Now, it’s not your typical cooking show. It’s not really a competition. It’s a little bit of everything. Guy dives into taste tests, tries to help people who want to become a host, basically from what we gather it’s one giant idea pitch from people all over the country!

Guy was actually in Dallas last week filming for Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Sadly we missed him, but we did mange to catch him on the phone. Of course, we talked about the new show. We also talked about why people love the Food Network…it basically boils down to the idea that food is the one thing that everyone can agree on. Guy also wants us to come do some food taste tests next time he’s in town!

Check out Guy’s Big Project this Sunday night on the food Network.


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