WFAA’s Demetria Obilor Responds To Body Shamers: “This Is How I Was Born”

Author: Rebekah Black

Oh heck no!

It all started with one channel 8 viewer’s horrific online comments, simply because she didn’t like Demetria’s body shape and the clothes she wears on camera. Meet Jan, who took her thoughts straight to social media, even mentioned that she would never watch WFAA again!

For the most part, when viewers have negative comments, people in the spotlight just sort of let it go. However, Demetria wasn’t about to let this one go! Nor should she! Demetria took to Facebook to talk about her body. Basically what it boils down to for Demetria…

“This is how I was born.”

Now that’s the way you shut down haters! She wasn’t rude, she wasn’t mean, she just told it like it is!

By the way, Demetria…you look amazing! Keep up the good work! KLUV is behind you!

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