Starbucks For Lunch? Company Opening First Bakery In Seattle, More Locations To Follow

If Starbucks has their way, you’ll no longer stop at your local shop for just a quick coffee on the go.

Starbucks has just staked their claim in the baked goods game, opening their first bakery later today in their hometown, Seattle.  Last year, Starbucks announced their new venture with the Princi business, and together, they plan to offer Italian-inspired sandwiches, breads and other baked goods.

The first location will of course be in Seattle, with plans already set in motion to open spots in Shanghai, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and Chicago.  This is a significant step for the company, as this will be the first time Starbucks locations make their foods in-house.  They do sell small cakes and sandwiches, as you probably know, but everything is prepared outside of the stores.

Starbucks is ready to expand into the latter parts of the day, after the breakfast rush is over.  Sara Trilling, Starbucks’ senior vice president of food category and innovation, said in September, “We do see lunch as the biggest opportunity.”

Via USA Today

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