Fake Joel Osteen Trolls Real Joel Osteen Event

Author: Rebekah Black

What do you do when you look like the famous pastor Joel Osteen? Easy answer! You troll Joel Osteen fans at a Joel Osteen event.

Meet Mike Klimkowski, who happens to look exactly like the televangelist.

Mike didn’t have tickets to the Osteen event. So, he put on a suit just to see how far he could get. Free parking? No problem! Security screening? Just walked right on through. And the fans didn’t seem to notice that it wasn’t really Joel Osteen, even when he asked for a beer.

Once he was inside the venue, he managed to get down to the front row, where he did an impromptu meet and greet with fans. A couple of people yelled, “We’re from Houston.” He responded with “Go Dodgers.” And yet still no one noticed!

Eventually though someone figured it out, forcing Mike and his security guard to leave. At least he made a few people’s day.

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