UPDATE: First Baptist Church Of Sutherland Springs TX To Be Torn Down

Author: Blake Powers

The memories and pain of the massacre of 26 parishioners, injury to 20 more, and the suicide of the shooter, are just too much to bare for First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs TX.

CBS 11 reports Pastor Frank Pomeroy, with support of top Baptist executives, plans to demolish the church and create a memorial to the victims. Pomeroy would like a fresh start, and wants to build a new church on other property the church owns.

Last night, VP Mike Pence attended a memorial for the victims and told those in mourning that the shooting was the worst shooting a church in America’s history, calling the gunman “deranged.” Pence added, “whatever animated the evil that descended on that small church, of the attacker’s desire was to silence their testimony of faith, they failed.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott began the service by praying “for healing and for help” and proclaiming Tuesday a statewide day of prayer.

CBS 11 has more details, HERE.

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