Fire Up Those Live Streams, April The Giraffe Is Pregnant Again!

If you weren’t obsessed, you at least knew 38 people who huddled around the same computer every day last Spring waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth to her baby.

For 65 days, patient fans waited for the birth to happen, with some (*cough cough* Nathan Fast) believing that it was all one elaborate hoax.  Finally, April 15th, April gave birth to Tajiri.

Well, just seven months later, Giraffe fans hold on, because April might be pregnant again!  Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch appeared on Good Morning America, where he could “neither confirm or deny” April’s pregnancy, but c’mon.  She’s totally pregnant, right?

As for another live stream, Patch told the audience, “Are we ready for another giraffe cam, world?  You tell me.”

Via Yahoo!

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