Mmmmmmm, Crystal Clear Pumpkin Pie!

Author: Rebekah Black

In between Halloween and Christmas, there’s a little holiday called Thanksgiving. It’s a time for being thankful, however, we ultimately associate it with food. An entire day of feasting on delicious treats.

Besides turkey, what would you say is a staple food of Thanksgiving? Dressing, sweet potatoes, gravy? No, no, and no! It’s all about the pumpkin pie!

Why eat plain old pumpkin pie though, when you could be eating crystal clear pumpkin pie! The restaurant Alinea in Chicago has put a new twist on an old favorite, making it completely see-through! Chef Simon Davies is the creator of this new dish, saying…

“We by no means are trying to re-create a classic. It’s just our way of having some fun.”

Believe it or not, but it’s still made from all the ingredients you love. The pie features cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin, and ginger, but each ingredient has been distilled to create the clear filling.

Hmmmmmmm, we aren’t sure how to feel about this. Yes, it’s fun, but it just looks so weird!


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