The 2017 John Lewis Christmas Ad Features Moz The Monster Under The Bed

Author: Rebekah Black

The London department store, John Lewis, is pretty well know for their amazing Christmas commercials. Year after year, theirs ads pull at your heart strings and bring out the tears.

2017 is no different. This commercial will leave you feeling nothing less than bitter-sweet.

This year the ad features Moz the Monster, who lives under the bed. He’s not scary, but a lot of fun to play with each and every night. However, the more they play each night, the sleepier the little boy gets during the day. Moz can see that staying up all night long isn’t good for him, so he leaves him a special present under the Christmas tree…a night light.

Ok, if you aren’t already crying, please tell us how you can hold it in!?!?!?!

Of course once the night light is turned on, Moz has to say goodbye to his friend.

OMG! We are balling like babies right now. We’ll miss you Moz.


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