UPDATE: NEW Louis C.K. Movie “I Love You Daddy” Will NOT Be Released Due To Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Author: Blake Powers

Five women have accused comedian/actor Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct, including pleasuring himself in front of them,

Now, 1 week before the release of his self-written, starring and reportedly self-financed movie, I Love You, Daddy (about a successful TV writer who’s daughter is dating a much older filmmaker), TMZ reports the distributor (The Orchard) will NOT release the movie, due to the sexual allegations against Louis.

In the movie, Louis plays the TV writer, and there is at least 1 scene where his friend pretends to masturbate in front of people.

The 5 women claiming sexual misconduct towards them by Louis, say his alleged actions, including asking one if he could masturbate in front of her, goes back at least 10 years.





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