West Dallas Bar Offering Tequila Cocktail Priced At $150 Per Drink

The Network Bar is one of the latest creations from Phil Romano, the man behind Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Eatzi’s.

If you haven’t heard of the Network Bar, don’t feel ashamed.  It’s a membership-only establishment with annual fees around $500-$1000.  If you make your way in to membership at the Network Bar, be sure to order The Golden Dawn, a tequila-based drink with a hefty price tag of $150!

The Golden Dawn is a mixture of of high-end Gran Patrón Burdeos tequila, French aperitif, blood orange liqueur, and absinthe.  The tequila is the main culprit in the drink’s high price tag.  A bottle of Gran Patrón Burdeos can fetch anywhere between $369.99 to $455.99 per bottle at retail.

Whenever you take out a second mortgage to buy the drink, let us know how it tastes!

Via Guide Live

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