Only In Texas Can You Apply The Bible To Dr. PepperFact. Dr. Pepper is the official soda of Texas. There is no exception. There is no other beverage. No matter how hard other's try, true Texans can spot an imposter Dr. Pepper in just one sip.
Brenna Huckaby Is Sports Illustrated's First Amputee ModelBeauty comes in all shapes and all sizes. In recent years, Sports Illustrated has come a long way from the typical size zero, blonde, swimsuit model.
Couple Gets Engaged In The Goat Exhibit At The Dallas ZooCongratulations to Robert and Amanda!
Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, & Kathryn Hahn Had A Galentine's Day Parks & Rec ReunionAs far as we know, there won't be a Parks & Rec reunion or reboot on TV. However, the lovely ladies of Pawnee had a mini reunion on their own.
Ryan Reynolds Trolls Josh Brolin On His Birthday With A Goonies PortraitInstagram exists only for Ryan Reynolds trolling skills. The man is a master! No celebrity is off limits.
What If You Replaced The Curling Rock With Cats?Ok, we are all here for the dumb stuff found on the internet.
Liam Neeson Auditions For Cupid Using His "Special Set Of Skills"Valentine's Day is just two days away. If you haven't already been struck by love, be on the look out for a new Cupid.
The Furby Organ Is Terrifying!Have an old Furby lying around? You could have it turned into the world's creepiest musical instrument.
Send Your Love A Whataburger Themed ValentineNothing says true love like a Whataburger. No seriously, if you're looking to send your love something different this Valentine's Day...let Whataburger help you with the card.
Adorable Foul Mouthed Grandpa Is Shocked To Find Out His Real Age...98-Years-Old!It doesn't get much better than a cussin' grandpa.
Meat Roasting On An Open Fire Looks Like E.T.OMG! There's a solid chance we ate E.T. for dinner.
Justin Timberlake & His Album "Man Of The Woods" Is Getting Trolled By A Justin Timberlake N'Sync DollJustin Timberlake is having a weird week. It all started with his Super Bowl performance. For whatever reason, people just feel kind of "meh" about the halftime show. In fact, it would appear that the shirt he wore ended up being more viral than the actual performance.

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